Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Last Post

As you know we leave 9-22-2005, and that means this will be my last post.Over the last couple of weeks I have tried to give you all info that will help you to overcome or stop the NWO.As I have stated before some are fighting now.It is because of their fight things are not as bad as they could be.In my world of 2063 they loose.If the word gets out and more of you join the fight to overcome the New World Order when I return tomorrow you should won the fight and things should be a tad different.I am hoping for this to happen.You MUST pass the word about what I have told you.Or research the Bush administration and you will find what I have said to be true.Or you can sit back and do nothing and loose the USA and then wish you would have taken action against this bad element.

Now I leave you with this info.

The United States will have a major stock market crash soon.

This will come from a volley of natural disasters that will tear the soul out of the nation.Telling you this will not cause the universe to be destroyed because there's nothing you can do about it.I told you this is GOD trying to get your attention.For every action there is an reaction.

I have told you what to do to prepare yourself for the coming events in this blog.

I have also told you some good things that will happen.You can stop the NWO.

You can't stop the events with the earth.One thing that will help is this.Turn to GOD.

There will be a civil war or unrest in the USA.Starting with the immigration problems.

You will have even more foreign troops on USA soil.

You will loose more of your rights if you do not stop this.

The sun will burn the earth, and this will start massive earthquakes, to what level I can't say.But will be far worse then before!

You can survive if you move to the areas I have mentioned in this blog.

Christians stay strong and do not loose your faith, as you will be tested.Many of you will be put in jail and worse.

Get your world news on your own.Do not get it from any source like CNN,FOX,MSNBC,CBS,ABC,NBC.Get it on your own!!!!

Do not drink the water out of the faucet at all, learn how to filter water on your own.Learn how to grow food on your own.

If you own a gun, NEVER GIVE IT UP!

If you do not own a gun, get one and learn how to use it.

Teach your kids how to survive at all costs.

Learn how to live off of the land.

DO not let your kids get Flu shots.Trust me on this!

In fact if I where you I would not let them get any of those shots the school system tell they need.Trust me!!

Research these things yourself and you will see I am right.

2006 A big one. Iran will be the new problem

Mangosteen will be revealed to be the most effective natural supplement with Xanthones that can even stop cancer.
Bell will make a mistake, and get caught in a big disaster.
Data storage will go off the charts starting in 2006.

2007= Bad

2008 things will really start to get bad with the civil unrest at the border. She will not save you she will not be able to.

2009 the president you elect will not be from the USA.

2010 will be a year to remember as part of the gulf of mexico will die from oil.

In 2012 you will find some answers.

In 2015 you will be invaded. Not to long after that WWIII will start.

2032 The ocean will boil with the rock.

2034 Is the year that dreams will come true.

2036 The first one will come here.

2041 We will find old things.

2045 we will see beyond this Universe

And I had better stop.

I hope you all take what I have said seriously, I know it's hard to believe I'm a man from 2063.You will soon see I'm not a freak or a liar.

I am the one who tried to warn you all, I am the one who tried to stop it.I hope when I go home the past will be a new one.

Goodbye and good luck to you all.
The Woe's Of The United States

What will happen?

I can not go into complete detail about what will happen to the USA.I can tell you something's, and something's I can not.So I will talk in code so to speak.

Rita oh Rita what will she do? I have said that Katrina was the first in a series of "woes" to hit this nation.For every action there is a reaction.Reaction from who? Lets just say you will know for sure by 2012, 2015,2032.You should know now, but you people are to busy drinking having sex and trying to screw each other out of money to notice anything.I could tell you who will be in the Super Bowl and also tell you who will win and you just might notice that only because there would be money involved.Anyway this nation's economy will be taken out by the woe's that are heading towards her now.A study of this periods solar activity showed us that the new supper hurricanes that you are seeing now are a direct impact of the activity from the sun, and global warming.Also earthquake activity will be caused by the high solar activity you are seeing now.You may say that you have had high solar activity before, well not like you have seen, and will see.

Rita will do what she is meant to do,take out more of the heart of the USA.The power of this storm is stronger right now then they even know.But will not be a Katrina.Bush is what I would say or what we call in our time a crazed loon.He is the one who has caused GODS wraith.

Once the storm season is over you will have other woes, your winter will be bad and earthquakes will shake the earth more then ever.I have told you that Katrina was just the start of this all.Tornados in 2006 will kill so many people.Your rights and free speech will be taken from you staring this year, as I type this they are being taken away.Christians will be put in jail for what they believe and say.More foreign troops will walk the land as the USA will be unable to cover what is going on within the country.I know GOD is real and you will know also.After it's all said and done he will get your attention.How do you think he is trying to get it now?

The New World Order is a real thing you all will have to deal with, but you can still stop what is going on.You still have some time left to overturn it.I have told you some of the key people in the NWO.I have even told you when it started.I have given you some names of the pawns of the NWO.Yes it is real, very real.

If you have not listened to anything I have told you please listen to this! WATCH WHAT THE BUSH ADMENASTRATION IS DOING!!! WATCH WATCH WATCH!!!!!!!

Things are going to get pretty bad with the weather, even worse then now.The earth is having birth pains so to speak.Volcanos, earthquakes,Tornados in places you would never think you would see one in.Tennessee, Arkansas,Kansas inthose places Tornados will be worse then they have ever been.Not even being able to tell if it's winter or summer.Woe #2 is about to hit you all.Woe #3 will be even worse.Something does happen in 2012 that I can not even speak of.I have done my best to tell you what is coming without telling you too much.You can think i am a freak or you can think i am the real deal,that's up to you. My words will stay here on this site as a beacon for you, a beacon of hope.I hope you all wake up, I hope you see what is going on before it is to late.I hope when I go back to 2063 I will read how you all fought the good fight and beat this bad element of government I told you about.

If you do beat them then you can fight as one nation under GOD to beat the invasion of the ones who hate you now, the ones who love what is going on so they can come in and take what is yours.The ones that will kill over 100 million of you before you stop them.Yes you will stop them, but at a great cost.If you fight as one nation under GOD, the number I just told you about will not come to pass.Stop the NWO all together and the invasion will not happen I hope.Because then you will be stronger if you beat the NWO soon.

Pass the word on to others of what I have told you.Pass it on.

More later today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


What is time?

Time is the fire in which we burn, time is the element in which governs you me and everything around us.We learn how to manipulate time in the 2030's.We can now, with more accuracy go to future times.We also can return to the exact time we left,9-22-2063 10:47 am.With the earlier Time machines we could not do that.When I return it will be the same timeline I left.With the earlier time machines when you come back from a mission your timeline was a tad different then when you left it.With the new GE 7700 we are more precise in our endeavors.

I now want to talk about someone in this time 2005, most of his words will echo through time and come out to be true in 2063.Richard C Hoagland.He has talked about things on the moon, things on Mars.I can not go into much detail but I will say this,the things on the moon will turn out to be an old outpost, a station.With some of the technology found on the moon we will be able to look deep into space and see worlds just as if we where in the solar system with the worlds we are looking at.Mars will turn out to have old ruins just like Mr. Hoagland said but,there are other things on Mars that I can not talk about at all right now.NASA does know now what I am talking about.They have seen this and have not told the world.Earth has things on it now, in this time that if you found them you could time travel in 2 years.Things under the ground just like EC said.

I have said things that are out of this world, I have said things that scare you to death.The things I have said are true.

What becomes a Valuable Commodity?

Knowing how to grow food will be the big thing.Gold is also the big thing.There is a plan in the works now to put chips in the whole population.I have tried to tell you all to fight what the government is doing.DO NOT TAKE THE CHIP!!!!! I have to say this again, MOVE OUT OF THE CITIES!!!!

Again gold will be the big thing in 2063.A new type of money will be around.Can't say anymore about that.

Sorry if all the info I have posted today seems fragmented but I am trying to do 3 things at once.That's it for now more soon.

Monday, September 19, 2005

How Much Time?

I must say it is sad to see that with all the info I post here I only get a few questions.As for how much time? The time is now, the things I spoke of started when Katrina hit, and more things will now happen with the weather and earth that will shock you all.Remember I said in the future New Orleans is known as the Dead City?Remember that.I also told you that the storm Ophelia would make you think that someone was controlling it. And the storm did strange things.

What does all of this mean? Nothing if you think I'm making this all up. Or I am a freak or something.This will all be here for you to read after I leave.And when it all starts to happen then what do you say or do?
I have told you all what to do, I have said it here and on other blog's.I find it funny that I posted on another blog what that storm Ophelia would do and no one said nothing about it.Here is why I bring that up,You have a person who says they are from the future, which I know is hard to believe.But that person starts to tell you things that start happening and no one notices it at all.Which proves my point about this age of people.You are all sleep!!!!! If you would get your heads out of your asses and open your eyes you could stop what is happening in the USA. You could see what is going on.You all walk around as if you are in some kind of coma or something.I look into your eyes and I see nothing!! What is wrong with you all???Can someone tell me what is wrong with you all??? I don't get how you all made it this far, 2005.

All you see and care about is what's on TV or how much sex you can have, or how much money you can make! when are you going to realize none of this is important?I am sad to say you will fine this out sooner then you think.You still have time to stop what the government is doing.If you stop that then you can stop what happens to this country.You know one of the people who came here with me Kelly, said you are wasting your time trying to tell these people anything, and I think she is right.What is the point?I have been here over a year and all I have seen are drug heads, money hungry sex starved fools!!! What if I told you that in 2006 Iran will be a big problem for you all? Would you hear that?

You care about nothing.And for that you will all suffer for no reason!!

Will the city rise? Will you all wake up and take this nation back?

I will find out in 3 days.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Life After The War!

Life right after the war I'm told was very bad, for at least 10 years things where so bad that you could hardly go outside if you where not in a protected zone.The people that survived where people that did not live in the cites and people who knew that the bad element of government was going to to end up in a world war.People who had filters, people who had food saved up, people who lived in the mountains and in the countryside.People who fought the bad element I told you about.

I'm going to tell you something now I know I shouldn't, but I will anyway.Watch everything George Bush does from here on out.He knows his time is short, so he will begin doing things that if you watch him and the congress will destroy even more of the constitution.Foreign Troops with guns will be more abundant.I get so mad when I think of this stuff!!!!!!I just don't get how you people let this stuff happen and most of you think this man is soooo good!!!!!

The best part of this country to stay in is the mountainside areas and the countryside areas.Idaho, Montana,Parts of Colorado.Also one more thing NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!!!!!!!NEVER!!That is the thing unto which they are trying next.

More soon.

Friday, September 16, 2005


The earth is now going through some changes, changes that will rock your world.Shake rumble and role is the new theme as the earth is raging mad at those people on the west coast.Earthquakes and another hurricane.Woe to the USA as another trail and test comes to her.Our mission here is almost over, we will go back to 2063 on 9-22-2005.For those of you who have questions, I would ask them before that day.

You have many trials and tribulations ahead of you, so I say watch yourselves and do the things I told you to do.Again the way things happen does not have to be the way I read about them happening.Fight what the government is doing to your rights.I have already told you they are going to use the hurricane disaster to take more of your rights away from you.Look at what has been going on in New Orleans with the police taking peoples guns out of there empty homes.New Orleans in 2006 will be the same as it is now.Dead!Nothing will get done in the city.Many people will stay away from New Orleans, and never move back.

I will be honest with you all, you make me sick! The things you let happen is sickening and I just can not believe you all let it happen.How can you be so blind!??!? Even kids of this age know what is happening.What is wrong with the adults of this age???!!!!!
Yes I researched all about this before I came here, but seeing it first hand makes it so different.How can people be so stupid!!!??I'm sorry but you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.You are here, you can stop this!Wake up and get your heads out of your asses and take this country back!!!

More soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


In this blog I have tried to give you a look at my world in 2063.A world with problems, but I think a world that is better then the one I find myself in now. No bad elements in the government, no one trying to feed off of the less fortunate. Some oil still remains in the world but no one in this country uses it, at lease not enough to talk about.Great advances in solar cells have made it possible to have your whole house draw the energy of the sun. And at night great advances in battery storage have made it possible to run off battery power for a year if need be.Solar cells have advanced 1000 times more then what you have now.Also we have found ways to draw power from the ground and run your whole house on it.This is new but caching on rather fast.

And now on to computers, well what can I say?Computers are far more advanced in 2063 then they are now.Holograms are far more efficient then what you have now and they are widely used for various activities.Nano technology is in wide use in 2063.By the way in this year 2005 nano technology will take a huge leap.Yes WW3 took allot from us and the asteroid that hit the earth in 2032 also did some bad things, but we have come out off all that ok. Using Nano technology for building houses is in wide use.Huge advances in AI have made it possible to build computers systems that talk, make decisions and do things all on their own without human intervention.

That's it for now.More soon...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Future

Let's talk about the time from which I come.But first let me say this.The sun is not a good place to live or get close to.It's going to spit it's hot fire towards the earth, soon.I can not say anything other then that.

My call sign is Qronos1, and my real name is Scott.The unit I'm in is made up of four people here in this time.We are here on a mission that is classified.There have been other time Travelers in this time period.I'm sure there will be more.The world I left over a year ago is different and yet the same.Advancements in time travel has made it possible to be more precise in our ventures in time travel.If it were not for the early work of the C 204's we would not be at this point in Time Travel.The mission has changed over the years and the things we come here to do are more centered around the future.I have time traveled 3 times before. I can talk about a training mission that I was on to 1947.Up until 2051 we did not know if UFO's where real or fiction.It was uncovered that year that the US Government had known about them since 1947.In the training mission deemed important by the commission, me and 3 other people went to 1947 to clarify what happened.We spent a total of 4 months in that period to study the events.What we found shocked even us, and changed us for the better.We found out that yes these where aliens and they did crash in New Mexico.We also meet two more time travelers that were there in the same time period we where in.The reason why we knew who they where is because we went to investigate another UFO sighting later that year.We knew when and where.Sure it was a UFO but not like you think.The 2 time travelers told us they where here from the year, get this 2217 to change something.We later found out what that was.Now we know why there was so much confusion about that crash in 1947.

Life in 2063 is much different then it is now.Things where pretty bad after the war, but over time we started to change things for the better. I had not been born yet when the war took place, but I got here to earth just in time for the ongoing aftermath of it.The sky was bad and some of the air was still not good. As the years went on we found ways to filter the water better and to grow food better.Computers are different from the one I'm using now, it's kind of funny to be using one of these old things.Anyway the computer screens from where I come from is transparent glass when it's not on. and the speed is much much much faster.The Internet is more interactive.There are some movies still made but you get them from the net.A type of phone services is still around but it's from the net.The system of the net is much more advanced then now.

We still have cars but they do not run on gas.You have the technology now to do this but the greed of the rich is making it impossible for you.Some electricity is still around but not widely used in this country.We get our energy from the sun and the air.We also get some of our water from the air now.Space travel are still done by probes and we now can see other worlds from our own solar system in detail.I can not say much more then that.I can say this, there are systems on this world that would advance your society so much if you look in the right places.Power sources technologies that have been forgotten are right here on this world right now.

Greed will be the undoing of this society.The people in power are not your friends at all.Remember what I told you before about learning how to grow food and move away from the city.These things are very important to you even if you don't think so now.Learn how to protect yourself and your family.Make sure you have some type of communications with people you trust with you life.That means if power goes out have a type of radio you can communicate with.I don't mean to scare you but theses things are very important.

Fire will come from the sky.More later.