Friday, September 09, 2005

The Government

To Understand what is going on in your timeline we must talk about your government.In 1963 the United States Of America Died.It was taken over by a rouge element.That same element is in control today, and some of the same people are running it.George W Bush is a big part of this element but not the one in control.George Sr is a bigger part then his son.I can not go into detail but I will say, read your history about the Bushes.It will come out in 2027 who killed JFK and also who killed JFK Jr.Yes I said who killed JFK Jr.

This element of your government is out of control, and they are using this hurricane disaster to gain more control over you. This hurricane is the first in a series of natural disasters that will take down the economy in the USA. Also this will lead to a civil unrest that will spread like the flu.The mexicans will march in the thousands as they will say this is there country.The grip the government is trying to get on you is being fought by a few, and due to there actions the government has not reached the point it wants to be at.This does not have to happen, you can stop this by fighting with those who are trying to expose them.George Bush is not your savior, he is a man who does not care about the United States and will stop at nothing to turn what is left of this nation into a slave camp.It is important to know that you must protect yourself all the time.Learn how to use a gun, and keep supplies in your home.If you are able, move away from the cities.Learn how to grow your own food. Have filters available so you can filter water, living next to a water supply will not be enough.The actions of this government will lead to World War 3.That is all I will say about that.I will say this, your enemy is not other countries it is the element of government I have told you about.

Some things are set in stone.Your next President will not be any better.She/He will be to busy taking even more of your rights away due to the civil unrest that still will be going on.If you fight his now you can stop it, this does not have to happen this way.Fight it!

I have said too much already, but I had to do this.I'm not the first to come here and tell you about the future.I know you think I'm some kind of nut, but I'm not.I have chosen to do this and there will not be some kind of disaster because of it.Again it is important to learn how to grow your own food and to filter water.Also you must know how to protect yourself and your family.I will post more soon.


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